Teacher Help

Help for ALTs in Japan

Flashcards, Materials, and Guides for Teaching English

For those expatriates who are teachers in Japan, this TGM Japan site can help to introduce new topics and materials or supplement existing plans.


Teaching Resources

Hapilab - Flashcards and Materials (high quality, but in Japanese)
ESL Kids - Flashcards
ESL HQ - Flashcards
MES English - Flashcards
Creative Chalk - Shared teaching resources
About.com - ESL materials, including TOEFL and TOEIC support

Official Links (in Japanese)

Ministry of Education - Foreign Language (English) Information
Eigo Net - MEXT English Site

Life in Japan

Jorudan - Train route finder
Yahoo Transit - More advanced train route finder (in Japanese)
Gunma JET - Forum and information for ALTs in Gunma Prefecture
Jet Set Japan - Information for ALTs in Japan
Surviving in Japan - How to live using little Japanese

Package Services (Redelivery)

Japan Post - Redelivery link (Japanese and English)
(Kuroneko) Yamato Takkyubin - Redelivery link in understandable Japanese
Sagawa Otodoke - Telephone instructions

About Japan

Danny Choo - Anime, manga, and otaku culture
What Japan Thinks - Surveys of Japanese people


Japan Times - Foreigner-oriented Japanese news
Daily Yomiuri - Japanese-oriented Japanese news

Learning Japanese

Denshi Jisho - English-Japanese word and phrase dictionary with examples
Kanji.sljfaq - Online Kanji dictionary and character reader from SLJFaq
J-Gram - Japanese grammar resource (explanations and examples)
Tae Kim - Japanese grammar guide
Learn Japanese Free - Japanese grammar and vocabulary
Logical Grammar - Grammar help


Google Translate - Single word dictionary, or sentence or web page translation.
Year Converter - Japan Guide

Legal Advice

General Union - Information and support regarding Japanese working laws
Arudou Debito - Legal advice, including divorce support
US Embassy in Japan - American visas, passports, notarization, and information

Finding a Job

Japanese Rirekisho Help - MadTokyo
Japanese Rirekisho Guide - Franchir Japan
Rirekisho (Resume) Templates - Access J
Rirekisho Maker - Resume Maker